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Name:Felicity Smoak
Location:Starling City, California, United States of America
Felicity Meghan Smoak is an employee of Queen Consolidated, and a good friend and partner of Oliver Queen. She is incredibly intelligent, and great with electronics. After asked by CEO Walter Steele to look into some shady business practices, and later, concerned for her safety, told to stop, she continues to dig anyway. When Walter is kidnapped, she forms a bond of trust with Oliver by confiding in him what she uncovered.

Originally, Oliver asked a few random jobs of Felicity with bad cover stories to hide his identity. After he is shot, Felicity saves his life and agrees to join his team until they find Walter. Felicity doesn't agree with Oliver's methods to get criminals, but brings her own skills and ideas to the table, and eventually decides what he does isn't all bad.

(Felicity is shown to be very smart but is quite socially awkward. She is confident in her abilities, but is always insecure about her position in the company. Despite content with her position and not looking for trouble, Felicity is not one to back from danger when there is a curiosity waiting to be sated. This is shown when Walter asks her to look into The Queen's Gambit's recovery, and warns that the last man who went looking ended up dead; she accepts the task unfazed, saying that mysteries like these bug her. Despite being poor in wording her thoughts, she talks a lot and often shares her opinions. She is also a kind person, exhibited when, despite finding out about Oliver's vigilantism, she rushes Oliver to the Foundry and aids Diggle in patching him up, instead of alerting the authorities like many would have. She also offers her help in locating Walter, simply out of compassion and loyalty. True to her geeky nature, she upgrades Arrow's computers, stating that seeing a poorly set up system like his bugs her. She is afraid of heights. She sometimes gets nervous and babbles, especially when around Oliver. She has a strong sense of humor. She has a strong moral code, and is exceedingly brave.

The most important thing to know about Felicity is that she is an expert computer hacker, and can mess up your shit.)

–Taken from the Arrow wiki.

"Letting me go would be a major error for this company."

Felicity Smoak is from the television series Arrow, based on the Green Arrow comics by DC, and is the property of Warner Bro's Television/Greg Berlanti/Marc Guggenheim/Andrew Kreisberg/DC Comics/et al. She appears here solely for the purpose of role playing, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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